“Emma’s approach to food is nothing short of magical. Lovingly prepared meals somehow manage to be both gourmet and down home… bursting with color, flavor and texture… connecting us to the earth and to those around the table… nourishing body, mind and spirit… satisfying the appetite and the soul… and, for me, planting seeds that have forever changed the way I eat. “

--Mary Novaria: Writer, Los Angeles, CA


"I am the founder and facilitator of Haven Writing Retreats and have worked repeatedly with Emma Simonson, co-creating life transforming experiences for people from all over.  When I speak about Haven, I tell people that my ultimate goal is to help people raise their self-awareness through creative self-expression.  Emma mirrors this mission in the food which she prepares and serves.  Her food truly vibrates with love and light, nourishing each of the brave souls at Haven—all who are stepping outside their comfort zone in hopes for new understanding and personal growth.  Every time, people rave about Emma’s food, her spirit, her service.  They all want her recipes and long to be able to eat in this mindful and abundant way at home.  She is a true talent from seed to table and a living example of heart language through nourishment."

--Laura Munson:  New York Times best-selling author, and founder of Haven Retreats


"My senses and hunger had the pleasure of Emma Love’s talent during a Haven Retreat in Whitefish. The creativity in cuisine and the care of the exquisite menu was nothing I had experienced before in all of my corporate or retreat experiences. Raw, gluten free, fresh, clean and so healthy. My entire retreat experience was enhanced by the food that Emma prepared. If you have the opportunity to experience Emma’s talent your body will thank you with its energy & happiness."

--Sherrice Kirby: Executive Coach, Author, Speaker,  www.Sherrice.com


"To say Emma's meals are "heaven-sent" might actually be true. Her food is much more than a combination of delicious tastes and good nutrition for the body. Emma delivers hew own special kind of serenity and love with every menu she creates and serves. After spending five days with Emma, I didn't want to go back to my old ways!"

--Katie Oates Nixon: Writer


"Emma shares her whole heart through her hands and the food she prepares vibrates with the highest frequencies of love and gratitude.  I have been blessed again and again to witness the powerful, transformational effect her delicious offerings have on one's own being as well as the impact of sharing her meals in group retreats.  Often times in retreat there is an emotional stirring that occurs both individually and within the group.  I have seen how her conscious meal preparation grounds and nourishes people offering a deeper, inner sustenance as things shift.  She also carries the wisdom and grace to support people as they are transitioning into a more conscious diet as this can often be abrupt change for the body and mind.  Emma's passion for our earth and what grows is as infectious as her smile and warm spirit and you can truly taste this in every bite, YUMMY to the core."

-- Arlisa Houston:  e-RYT, NCTMB, arlisahouston.com


 "Emma is a beautiful soul bringing goodness and joy to anyone coming into contact with her. I had the opportunity to experience her incredible food and energy while on a writing retreat. The colors, the flavors and the variety of food she prepared were amazing. Everything was delicious and one could sense that it was created and served with love. You are truly fortunate if you have the opportunity to enjoy Emma and the food she creates."

--Dr Laura L. Ciel: MA, PsyD, www.drlauraciel.com


"I enjoyed Emma’s delicious and inspired food at a writer’s retreat in Montana. To be honest, I was wary of the fact that the food would be vegan. I’m an omnivore and a chef and was worried I’d go hungry! Instead, I was blown away at every meal. The knowledge, finesse and love that went into the food was in every bite. Fresh. Creative. Delicious. All with a firm footing in the knowledge of sound nutrition and balance. I came away from that retreat with a handful of Emma’s recipes that I couldn’t wait to make and eat again. She is a gifted cook and her food is body and soul satisfying."

--Sarah Scott Chef/Culinary Consultant Co-Author of The Wild Table: Seasonal Foraged Food and Recipes


"I can still taste Emma Love's vibrant Green Goddess "crack" dressing. I drizzled it over everything I possibly could and sopped it up with her delicious unleavened gluten free bread during my recent stay at Walking Lightly Ranch for a Laura Munson Haven Retreat. If Love comes in green, purple and orange, it made an appearance at every meal prepared by Emma's skillful hands. And her carrot soup--I will taste it when the snow-covered mountains of Montana call to me in my dreams. Emma Love, thank you for caring so deeply for so many with your beautiful food. I was worried about handing my particular needs over to someone else, but it proved a delectable lesson in letting go and letting Love."

--Kim Jorgensen Gane: Freelance writer


"What a joy to eat food that was prepared with great care and that nourished my body, mind, and soul. Emma's meals were delicious and beautifully presented and put me in a wonderful state of mind. What a gift her talents are!"

--Whitney G. Wilkerson: Founder & CEOwww.NEXTforWomen.com


"Emma infuses incredible love and creativity into her food preparation. Working with Emma is always a pleasure as I know everyone at the retreat will feel deeply nourished and connected through the food that she takes great care to create. Her food is a living prayer and is always a perfect match to the community intention at our yoga retreats and offerings."

--Greg Wieting: San Francisco, Integrative Health Consultant


It is hard to put into words what I love about Emma's food. It is most definitely delicious but at the same time it satisfies something deep within... It makes you want to be better.. Vibrate at a higher frequency.. Achieve ultimate health... you can taste the care and thoughtful intention she puts into each bite...yummmmm. Just looking at Emma's own radiance you know that you are in good hands. 

--Christi Masters, acupuncturist, Columbia Falls, MT


            Do you believe that food can change your life?  I sure didn’t. I mean, I knew the old wives’ tale, “You are what you eat,” but I took that to mean I should practice moderation in all things and to keep my hand out of the Cheetos bag.  Shortly after my 53rd birthday, that all changed. Why?  Because I happened to find myself seated at a table next to Emma’ Simonson’s kitchen.  And the food she laid down in front of me changed my life. Changed my body.  Changed my health.  And forever changed my attitude towards “healthy” food.

            Let me back up a bit.  I have always been a very fit, athletic and energetic person.  I played Division 1 soccer in college, have run over thirty 10ks, have participated in 100 mile bike rides several times, play tennis, paddle, sail, and ski.  And I have been lucky that, for the most part, I have stayed relatively injury free.    

            One morning shortly after my 51st birthday, I woke up and could not raise my arms over my head.  I didn’t think much of it at first – figured I was just stiff from exercise.  The next morning, the same thing happened.  It would take me about four minutes to raise my arms above my head: I would take one hand in the other and every so slowly, raise my arms.  Every morning for the next month, the same thing would happen.  I would wake up, and slowly raise my arms.  I noticed that my whole body was achey in the morning, too, not just my arms.  My back hurt, my hips hurt, my legs hurt, my elbows and shoulders were killing me.  I knew something was wrong, but didn’t know what.  At my doctor’s office I was tested for lyme disease, which was negative.  My internist then sent me to a rheumatoid specialist.  There I was tested for Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, and Rheumatoid Arthritis.  All negative. No one had any idea what was wrong with me. Two years passed. Still, no improvement. It was a mystery. I just figured I was getting old, and that is what happened when you got old. That is, until I ate Emma’s food.

            I was one of the first participants in Laura Munson’s Havens, a writing retreat held at the Walking Lightly Ranch in Whitefish, Montana, which served only vegan, gluten free food. I had had little experience with vegan food.  In fact, most “health” food I had eaten was tasteless, or had a weird texture, so I avoided it. At first I wasn’t sure I would make it five days eating vegan food, but at the first meal, when Emma appeared and served us Raw Rainbow Tacos, Vegetable Curry Chickpea Soup, and fresh Herb Millet Muffins, I knew that I was eating something unique.  The food was so incredibly delicious, I had a hard time believing it was vegan.  It was just too damn good! She finished that meal by serving us Raw Key Lime Pie.  I could not believe it wasn’t “real.” I was amazed.  I had just eaten my very first vegan meal and it was one of the best meals I had ever eaten, anywhere.

            And the best part was yet to come.  After the third day of eating Emma’s food, I woke up in my bed, and for the first time in over two years, had no pain in my body. I couldn’t believe it.  I thought maybe I was just relaxing in that great Montana air.  Then, I quickly lifted my arms over my head.  I almost cried!  I was shocked. I could lift my arms!  I dressed and ran down to the kitchen.  “Emma! What on earth are you feeding me?” I asked her.  She smiled that gorgeous smile.  “I think it’s what I’m NOT feeding you.”  She went on to explain that I was eating no gluten, no dairy, no meat.  That her meals were made from ingredients grown on the farm, and contained no additives, preservatives, or processed food.  I was in awe!  And it came to me in a flash that I must have a gluten allergy or intolerance, and that once gluten was eliminated from my diet, all my “ailments” disappeared!  I could not believe that my doctors never even mentioned that possibility. 

            That morning Emma prepared Raw Sprouted Granola with fresh berries and house-made almond milk, Garden Gluten Free Zucchini bread and Fresh Juices. As I was having my coffee with almond milk, I marveled at how I did not miss anything I had been eating my whole life – Emma’s food was that delicious. And I could not believe how great I felt.  I had my body back! I had my health back.            

             I have been gluten free since my wonderful week at Walking Lightly Ranch.  Emma’s food has changed my life, my body, my health.  I know how lucky I was to just “happen” to be there, and to meet Emma, and to eat her food.  Her interpretations are nothing short of brilliant. Her ability to create dishes that have the both the taste and consistency of dishes using traditional ingredients is astonishing.  She has no equal in this area.  Emma is a master technician, cook and baker – the best of the best.

--Wendy Hill, Freelance Writer, Westwood, Massachusetts